READER’S QUESTION: How much value will my P5000 increase after a year if I invest in the SUN LIFE Prosperity Card?

I received an email from one of my readers, a question regarding the Sun Life Prosperity Card which I discussed in my post last April 6, 2016. (Read here: PRODUCT REVIEW: Buying and Activating Your Sun Life Prosperity).

I am sharing with you the question and my reply should any of my readers have a similar question in mind.


“If I will avail of the SUN LIFE Prosperity Card today example August 22, 2016, by next year August 22, 2017 what is value of my 5,000.”


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The Sun Life Prosperity Card is a mechanism to buy from any of the mutual funds of Sun Life Asset Management, Co. in a convenient way. Since mutual funds are investment vehicles that are market-driven, return on investments on a year to year basis ARE NOT GUARANTEED. The increase in value of your investment depends on actual fund performance.

Most mutual fund investors look at historical performances of funds as one of the basis of their investment decisions. Historical performance just shows how your investment may look like in the future, but do not guarantee future returns.

To give you an idea on the historical performance of Sun Life Prosperity Funds, refer to the illustrations below which I got from their presentations:


Illustration is the property of Sun Life Asset Management Co. Inc.



Illustration is the property of Sun Life Asset Management Co., Inc.

To know more about how mutual funds work, kindly go to these links:

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