The Ilonggo Investor is a authored and managed by Rebbe Jurilla. The blog’s mission is to aid Ilonggos in understanding basic personal financial planning and investments.

This blog will attempt to answer questions about savings, investments, life insurance, mutual funds, and others.


About the Author

I am a food technologist by heart, and a Financial Advisor by profession. Prior to joining one of the largest and oldest life insurance companies in the country in year 2011, I had been a life insurance policyholder since 2002. I am a believer of life insurance and of preparing for the future. Thus, it is now my mission to spread awareness to my fellow Ilonggos about the different investment vehicles where we could grow our money, and be financially protected.

Before becoming a Financial Advisor, I had been a photographer, documentor, food product development consultant, a book layout artist, and a video editor. I still do these things on my spare time, but my passion really is to teach and share to my fellow Ilonggos the importance of being financially prepared.

Welcome to my blog. Happy learning. May this blog help you in your journey in becoming financially-free.